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Power Bridge
Power Bridge is a revolutionary breakthrough product that integrates the functions of a voltage stabilizer with an enhanced Lithium-ion battery.

Benefits of Power Bridge Why Power Bridge works
Better fuel economy (up to 20% savings) Promotes complete combustion of fuel due to consistent & strong spark
Better and sharper throttle response Reduces voltage sag from increased electrical load
Smoother gear changes
Better sound from in-car entertainment and sound systems
Increased lifespan of electrical products Reduces voltage fluctuations from varying loads on the alternator
Steadier and brighter headlights
Smoother idling of the engine
Increased car battery lifespan
(up to 4x of original lifespan)
Takes over the electrical load is usually placed on the car battery

Huge 31,000,000 µF Capacitors – How many µF does your voltage stabilizer have?

Power Bridge uses huge (31,000,000 µF) Electric Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLC) which work at the voltage of the car’s alternator (~14.4V) to act as a voltage stabilizer.
The 31,000,000 µF EDLC has a lot of advantages over traditional capacitors:

• Very high rate of charge/discharge gives you the responsiveness you need

• Huge 31,000,000 µF capacitors provide high output power to maintain the voltage level

• Extremely long lifespan of more than 500000 charge cycles outlasts the lifetime of most devices

The car’s alternator provides all the electricity required by the car and also charges the car battery. The voltage that the alternator provides varies depending on the current electrical load. For example, switching on the air con/sound system or sudden acceleration will require more electricity. The alternator will then increase its output to cater to the increased demand.

However, the alternator cannot adjust the output voltage instantaneously. This leads to voltage drops and is the reason behind sluggish driving response during gear changes, poor fuel economy, reduced car audio quality, dimming headlights and rough idling.

Conventional voltage stabilizers are equipped with small capacitors that work by discharging themselves during car voltage drops. However, the benefits are limited due to the small capacitors which carry less charge.

Power Bridge seeks to improve on the current generation of voltage stabilizers by using huge 31,000,000 µF EDLC, also known as ultra-capacitor. The charge carrying capacity of Power Bridge is many times the capacity of current voltage stabilizers.
Power Bridge uses EDLC that have a faster charge/discharge time which allow for faster response times to stop voltage drops as soon as they occur as compared to other voltage stabilizers.

All of this ensures engine combustion efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. It also improves throttle response while improving the performance of your electrical products and appliances like headlights.

The comparison among different types of power source is illustrated below.


Powerful and Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Power Bridge also contains a 13.2V 20A Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery which complements the huge capacitors.
The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is used because it has a lot of advantages over traditional Lithium-Cobalt battery.

• Superior rate of charge/discharge gives you the responsiveness you need

• Longer lifespan gives you the value for money compare to other types of battery

• Heat resistance makes it very suitable for our climate

• It is chemically more stable which means it does not explode like other Lithium-ion batteries

In a stock car, the alternator is not built to handle peak voltage demands of the car 100% of the time. One of the functions of a car battery is to provide electricity when the demand exceeds the amount that the alternator is producing. The alternator then charges the battery when the electrical demand drops.

Traditional car lead-acid battery has a very slow charging/discharging speed and cannot effectively keep up with the speed of ignition or provide supporting power when the need arises. This leads to voltage lag in the car’s electrical circuit which translates to sluggish driving response, poor fuel economy, reduced car audio quality, dimmer headlights and rough idling. LiFePO4 batteries boast a fast rate of charge/discharge which can react to the voltage drop very quickly.

Energy Density shows you how much energy is stored in a given system whereas Power Density shows you how fast the system can deliver its energy.

LiFePO4 batteries are used because it has one of the highest energy density for batteries making it more powerful than another battery of the same physical size. This allows Power Bridge to pack a powerful punch while maintaining its small size.

Power is of no use if the speed of discharge is slow. LiFePO4 batteries are 10 times faster when it comes to providing an electrical boost for your car’s circuit, giving you the speed you need.

The lifespan of LiFePO4 batteries is also amazing, with a cycle life of up to 7000 charge cycles as compared to about 2000 for normal batteries. Since the LiFePO4 batteries take up any electrical load before your current car battery does, the long lifespan allows it to continuously protect and increase your car battery’s lifespan.

The heat resistance and safety of the LiFePO4 over tradition Lithium-ion battery also makes it very suitable for our climate.
Power Bridge thus can provide two bands of resistance against voltage drop in the car’s electrical system.

This ensures the optimum running of all the electrical devices as well as the engine of the car to improve fuel consumption and throttle response while extending the lifespan of your car’s battery.

Proven with Hard Facts
The benefits of an integrated Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and super capacitor combination have been researched in detail by an independent research paper.

A paper submitted to the 2011 International Conference on Environment Science and Engineering concluded that super capacitor can stabilize voltage while Lithium Iron Phosphate battery can perform high speed charge/discharge in a vehicle electrical circuit which resulted in improved engine combustion efficiency and decreased fuel consumption.

Automotive exhaust component analysis was conducted to quantify the efficiency of the combustion cylinder. The exhaust variables measured include CO, CO2 and hydrocarbons. The final result indicated that the fuel efficiency of the car engine increased about 12%~20% as a result of the installation of the super capacitor and the Li-ion battery.
For the detailed full research paper, go to:

Available Models:
Any vehicle


Avante HD
NF Sonata
i45 Sonata
SantaFe CM
SantaFe 2010
Trajet XG
i35 Tucson


Forte Koup
New Carens
Old Sorento
New Sorento
(Sorento R)

New Aveo
Lacetti (Optra)
Rezzo (Vivant)


Actyon Sport

Musso Sport

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